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Ground / Airport Station Attendant

Ground / Airport Station Attendant

The airport ground handling agent is responsible for welcoming, providing information and handling
handling airport customers (arrivals and departures). He or she works under the
responsibility of the station manager, who supervises the team on the airport site.

Job description

The airport ground handling agent is part of the commercial services of a company Aerial. He works at the passenger reception counters of an airport, where he takes care of takes care of customers on departure (boarding), on arrival (disembarking) or in correspondence (transit).
The airport ground handling agent carries out all check-in operations for passengers and their luggage, and facilitates connecting formalities. If necessary, it
care for unaccompanied small children or the elderly or disabilities.
In the event of an incident, bad weather, delay or error concerning the baggage, the agent stopover informs the passengers. Liaising with the various terminal services (security, hotel, area manager airplane…), he uses computers and all modern means of communication.
The Airport Ground Handling Agent may work weekends and holidays. His schedules are variable and often staggered. As with all public reception jobs, the station agent must have a good nervous balance to deal with sometimes stressful situations. He must show benevolence, tact and understanding and essential interpersonal skills. Mastery English is essential and sometimes a second language is required.


Total hourly volume of the training: 200 HOURS

  • 1

    Aeronautical Environment

    A. International regulations (Conventions, Bodies etc…)
    B. The airport and airport jobs
    C. Around the plane

  • 2

    Relational Techniques

    B. Conflict management,

  • 3


    A. Air routes
    B. Countries and their capitals
    C. Physical and political geography
    D. World Human Geography
    E. Migration flows and main air routes
    F. Time zones

  • 4


    B. Pricing
    C. AMADEUS AIR Software

  • 5

    Airport Security

    A. Airport environment
    B. The various items prohibited in the cabin and in the hold
    C. Consistency check at check-in and before boarding
    D. Implementation of boarding pass protection
    E. The different players in air transport security
    F. The attitude to adopt in the presence of an abandoned parcel or piece of luggage
    G. Objectives of security measures
    H. The different tickets
    I. International, national and local security actors

  • 6

    Dangerous Goods CATEGORY 09

  • 7

    Technique and job search

    A. Resume and cover letter
    B. Training for job interviews

  • 8

    Co-Activity (Rule and Precaution)

    A. Reminder of traffic area regulations (civil aviation code)
    B. The risks of traffic in the airport area
    C. The various stakeholders on the site
    D. Rules of Conduct
    E. Precautions to take
    F. Rules to follow

  • 9

    Airport English

    A. Airport technical terms.
    B. Revisions to the lexicon of the most common expressions and forms of politeness.
    C. Scenarios of announcements and customer reception in English.

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