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How to Become an airline pilot Algeria?

Having passion for flight

If you’ve made it this far, it’s because you have a passion for flying and a variety of reasons to realize your goal.

Explore our programmes

Explore our training programs to see which one is right for you, based on your preferred training path and the necessary qualifying requirements. You can apply for our pilot initiation certificate (BIP) to learn more about aviation and will help you to make your decision.

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Follow the instructions in the Apply section of your desired program to submit your online application. Before you apply, be sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

Pass assessment & selection

If you meet all of the program’s eligibility standards, you’ll be invited to begin our evaluation and selection process, which usually includes an in-person interview.

Obtain a Class 1 Medical Certificate.

a medical examiner who has been approved by the appropriate national aviation authority.

Arrange for funds, set a start date for your course, and pay a deposit to confirm your place.

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Sky training aviation  is one of the biggest Algerian aviation school, where the experience is wrapped up in personal care about each student.

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