Integrated ATPL (A)



About This Course:

An airline transport pilot license is the highest level of aircraft pilot certificate. It allows you to begin training as an airline transport pilot with no previous aeronautical experience.

This course includes Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rated (ME+IR) License including the Airline Transport Pilot License Theory; as well as an Airline Multi-Crew Co-operation (MCC) certificate endorsement achieved in a professional flight simulator, FNPT II/MCC A11 BE200GT Proline 21 Glass Cockpit, EASA/ICAO/DACM approved simulator.

   he theoretical courses are taught in English   However, for the practical part, we are following the Algerian Civil Aviation authority standards under ICAO approval, the program splits as follows:

  • 150 F/H for the CPL (VFR/SE). Tecnam P2002JF.
  • 35 Sim/H for the IR. FNPT II/MCC A11 BE200GT, EASA/ICAO/DACM approved simulator.
  • 20 F/H for the (ME/IFR). Tecnam P2006T.
  • 25H/theo + 25 /Sim for the MCC training. FNPT II/MCC A11 BE200GT, EASA/ICAO/DACM approved

Estimated course duration: 24 months


Pre-Entry Requirements:


– 18 years or older on qualification

– Algerian medical examination Class 01

– Recommended Education background: Mathematics, Physics & English language proficiency level 4

– High school certificate or equivalent


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