About This Course

The PPL is the first necessary step towards more advanced licenses (Commercial Pilot License “CPL” and Airline Transport Pilot License “ATPL-A- Frozen”)

This course is also for the students who would like to pursue recreational flying, it allows students to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to fly light aircraft in daylight and good weather   

In addition to this, it allows you to fly single-engine airplanes, initially in visual flight, in many countries of the world according to standardized qualification requirements. It also allows you to take passengers under certain conditions, but does not allow paid commercial transport.

The theoretical courses are taught in French as part of Mermoz Program, which include 9 modules.

NBThe training schedule program for the Ground school / Group formula, is only during weekends whereas the One To One formula is according to the candidate’s program and dispensability.

However, for the practical part, we are following the Algerian Civil Aviation authority standards under ICAO approval, the program contains:

  • 45 F/H for the PPL (VFR/SE). Tecnam P2002JF.
Pre-Entry Requirements : 
  • – 18 ans ou plus sur qualification

    – Examen médical algérien Classe 02

    – Formation recommandée: mathématiques, physique, maîtrise du français et de l’anglais niveau 4



Estimated course duration :

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