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introduction to flying


We invite you to board a flight simulator and learn about the profession of an airline pilot.

Take the controls of an airliner on a simulator, replace the Captain, make yourself comfortable and take off in one of our airliner flight simulators.

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    introduction to piloting

    In order to make you discover the world of aviation and piloting in particular, as well as to share our passion, we have created a innovative activity that allows combine training, passion, science popularization and one day entertainment only. The day is sanctioned by issuance of a certificate introduction to piloting. Sky Training aviation offers you the opportunity to experience a breathtaking experience and to fly aboard his latest flight simulator generation, or even a first step to get started in the pilot’s career line.

    Admission Requirement

    Be at least 7 years old
    Be passionate about aviation

    The Program



    Introduction to the main piloting modules, Principle of flight, General knowledge of aircraft, Meteorology, Navigation, Regulations and also a frequently asked questions open to candidates, all under the watchful eye of a pilot-in-command instructor.



    Putting into practice the knowledge acquired in the morning in the flight simulator and all its aim is to introduce the world of aviation.

    How it's WORKS?

    Learn how to take control

    Get a complete understanding of aircraft control and simulation Aircraft Control

    Experience absolute immersion

    This unique activity will satisfy all aeronautical enthusiasts who have always dreamed of taking control of an aircraft.

    Take it from professionals

    Take the place of the captain and with your instructor go from one airport to another at the end of the world in a cockpit equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and high-resolution screens

    The experience at Sky Training Aviation is unique

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    Celebrate a birthday under an aeronautic theme

    flying card

    Get the flying card for more flight sessions on our simulator


    motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses.

    Notice to novices, amateurs of aviation!

    Control your plane, leave the landing strip, play with the weather, day and night settings, then choose a specific airport and prepare for landing: it’s amazing!

    Ready to start,
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    Working hours:Saturday — Thursday: 8:30 h - 16:30 h


    City Ain Abdallah , Résidence Djurdjura.service floor N°02, BOUMERDES.

    Sky training aviation  is one of the biggest Algerian aviation school, where the experience is wrapped up in personal care about each student.

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     Call Us +213 770 419 315/28

     City Ain Abdallah Residance Djurdjura, Boumerdes, Algeria

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