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International  Radiotelephone  Qualification

International Radiotelephone Qualification



A radiotelephone rating is required to communicate with air traffic control. This rating is issued following an examination comprising – in addition to a theoretical part which must be passed during the official theoretical examination to obtain the license or instrument rating – a practical part. (fictitious theft). The candidate must then prove that he has mastered standard ICAO phraseology and is familiar with the applicable provisions and procedures.

The practical radiotelephony examination according to visual flight rules can be taken in English, German, French or Italian. Applicants for airline pilot licenses as well as for an instrument rating must pass the practical radiotelephony exam in English.

Theoretical and practical training for obtaining radiotelephony privileges must be taken at an approved aviation school.

Radiotelephony certificates or ratings acquired in a foreign country are recognized if the applicant has a pilot’s license issued by the same country or a certificate from the issuing authority. On the other hand, authorizations restricted at national level, for example authorizations valid exclusively in airspace G and E, are not recognized.

International Radiotelephone Qualification

Aircraft pilots must demonstrate a sufficient level of expression and understanding of the language used for radiotelephone communications. The qualification required depends on the type of license as well as the intended use for these licenses (VFR, IFR, etc.).

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