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Face Your  Fear


Afraid to take a plane?

STA offers you an internship to manage your understanding of the plane.

How does the phobia set in, and what are the methods of treating and managing the fear? You will be able to learn how to correct your negative thoughts associated with the plane, also called “dysfunctional thoughts”. Knowing how to manage stress and learn to relax is essential to lower your anxiety level when it comes to flying. Relaxation and breathing techniques will also be presented to you

Aeronautics and security 

How can the plane withstand all the turbulence? Are thunderstorms dangerous? What happens in the event of an engine failure? What are the on-board instruments and are they reliable? How is air traffic ensured? Can we land without visibility? What is the training of the crew?

Flight simulator

After a preparation briefing, you can take part in a flight from the simulator cockpit in ultra-realistic conditions. You will experience all the stages of a flight and will be able to observe the pilot’s reactions in different situations: degraded weather conditions, troubleshooting … In addition to eliminating many of your fears, this experience is fascinating and will make you feel this that is the pleasure of flying.



+213 770 419 328/ 15

Horaires de travailSamedi— Jeudi8:30 h - 16:30 h

Boumerdès, Algérie

Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000
 Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000

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