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ATPL (A) Integrated Training Program

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Course (ATPL) is the most common route for becoming a professional pilot. It is designed to train pilots with little or no experience up to a standard that enables then to carry out commercial air transport. Throughout the course, the pilot will become proficient on single and multi-engine aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions and ready to fly multi-pilot operations.

Admission Requirements


Minimum age of 18 at the date of the course start,
however, the license can only be issued when the
candidate reaches at least 21 years of age.

Education level

High School or equivalent. Knowledge of Mathematics and Physics.
Demonstrate proficiency in English (spoken and written) as required to obtain a minimum ICAO level 4.


Holding a Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Estimated course duration
24 MONTHS 100%

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