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Airline Pilot Training

ATPL (A) Integrated Training Program


Why Should I Get My ATPL license?

The Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Course (ATPL) is the most common route for becoming a professional pilot. It is designed to train pilots with little or no experience up to a standard that enables then to carry out commercial air transport. Throughout the course, the pilot will become proficient on single and multi-engine aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions and ready to fly multi-pilot operations.

Airline Transport Pilot License
Pilote de ligne Algérie
Pilot de ligne Algérie - Constantine


A complete, adapted, economical, simple and effective training.

The entire internship takes place over an average period of 18 months (holidays included). It is broken down into 2 fundamental parts, theory (theoretical ATPL) and practice (Learning to pilot – Improvement and Maturation – CPL-IRSE  / IRME-MCC). The number of hours of training is optimized and oriented towards the skills that a young pilot new to the company must have. It takes place according to different stages that we will present to you as clearly as possible.

Why to choose us

Effective training.

We offer you exceptional training and a structured program in 24 months

Recognized and respected universal licenses.

Pilot licenses are universally recognized and respected as part of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) licenses.

Payment in installments

5 installment payments over 24 months.

Accommodation service available.

We will help you find suitable accommodation near our training facilities.


About the license

On course completion, the pilot will hold an ICAO/DACM Frozen
Airline Transport Pilot License (Frozen ATPL).

Admission Requirement

The following admission requirements refer to candidates applying for SKY TRAINING AVIATION integrated ATPL-A course



Minimum age of 18 years old at the date of the course start.
However, the license can only be issued when the candidate reaches at least 21 years of age.



High school or equivalent. Knowledge of mathematics and physics. Demonstrate proficiency in English (spoken and written) as required to obtain a minimum ICAO level 4



Holding a Class 1 Medical certificate

Steps to get an ATPL-A Frozen

Theoretical knowledge training

Learn everything about ATPL related theory in 14 subjects

Duration: 12 Months 

Theoretical Components: 850 hours

Courses are taught on the weekend

Air law
Flight Planning
Mass and Balance
Flight Instruments
Human Performance and limitations

General knowledge of Aircraft
General Navigation
Radio Navigation
Operational Procedures
Principles Of Flight
VFR Communication
IFR Communication

Our Partner

Bristol Groundschool Aviation Theory Courses

Innovative modular courses contain all the knowledge you need for exam success, allowing you to learn at your own pace and track your progress with ease.

Bristol Groundschool is the only aviation theory content provider that also delivers online and in-person training to students. This enables us to continually update and improve our material based on real student feedback from the exams.

BGS ATPL Training Software – ATPdigital

BGS ATPL Training Software – ATPdigital

By using our ATPdigital software, you can make your students’ learning immersive and engaging. Explanations, videos, a built-in question bank, and regular testing, guide your students from the beginning to the end of their learning.

It focuses on making training memorable, effective, and efficient by delivering instant results and providing a dashboard view of student progress.


Training Materials

Complete ATPL conversion kit

This kit includes everything you’ll need to prepare for the theory exams when converting an ICAO ATPL to an EASA ATPL. Included are:

  • ATPdigital CBT software licence for download or physical media, for use on a PC, Mac or iPad
  • 12 months technical support
  • 12 months free access to BGS Online, our exam question bank
  • a copy of the Jeppesen Airway manual (GSPRM) which you’ll need during the course and for the examinations
  • a copy of the CAP 696, 697 and 698 used during the course and for the examinations
  • a CRP5 navigation computer with pen
  • an EASA approved calculator for use in the exams
  • a commercial navigation protractor
  • a precision drawing set
  • free access to ATPforum, our online forum where our instructors answer any questions you have

2-Single Engine Flight Training

Learn how to fly solo in a single-engine piston aircraft 

Flight Training :150 H


  • Tecnam P2002 JF
  • Tecnam P2008 JC
  • Zlín Z-142
  • Zlín Z-143

3- Instrument Rating Training

Learn how to fly using instruments in Flight Simulator B200GT FNPT II

Flight Training : 35 Hours

4- Multi engine Flight Training

Learn how to fly solo in a multi-engine piston aircraft 

Flight Training : 20 H

Aircraft: Tecnam P2006 T

5- Airline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

  • Learn how to fly as a member of a professional airline cockpit crew.
  • Obtain your Airline Pilot standards Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC).
  • Classroom and Flight Simulator Training.
  • Approximately 25 hours theory 
  • Approximately 20 hours practice.

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