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Our facilities

We are continually investing in our facilities  to give our students learning experience, preparing them the for their pilot career.

Our facilities

Sky Training Aviation provides an ambience of comfort and tranquility conducive for training. With a sophisticated audiovisual aids, customized training facilities and realistic training simulators to meet national and international training requirements.



Boumerdès is a seaside city located in the north of Algeria about 50 km east of Algiers and 50 km west of Tizi Ouzou. During French occupation of Algeria, the city was named Rocher Noir, translated from French as Black Rock.

Comfort and tranquility

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Flying bases

aéroport de Constantine


Constantine Airport called “Mohamed Boudiaf” is an international civilian airport, located on the plateau of Ain El Bey 12 KM from downtown Constantine. It was built in 1943, since then it has undergone certain reinforcements, development and extensions.


Jijel Airport is an international civilian airport serving the city of Jijel and its region (wilaya of Jijel). It is managed by the EGSA of Constantine.


+213 770 419 328/ 15

Horaires de travailSamedi— Jeudi8:30 h - 16:30 h

Boumerdès, Algérie

Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000
 Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000

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