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Instrument Flight Rating



Why Should I Get My ATPL license?

IFR refresher training program to improve flight safety in abnormal situations like – Partial Panel – Engine Failure – Hot and High conditions – Bad weather – System failures etc.

The program being tailor-made, you can adapt your flight simulation and your training to best meet your expectations.

-Sky Training Aviation hours packs can be carried out solo or in pairs, always supervised by one of our SFI’s who are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Qualification certificate reference:: DACM-FSDT.07/2018

FSTD(A) Qualification level: FNPT-II MCC

Aircraft variant: Generic Multi-Engine Turbo Prop (Representative of King Air B200GT).

Serial number: Entrol 050

Why choosing our Flight Simulator

Our flight simulator Entrol A11 B200 GT FNTPII MCC is ideal for performing IR skills maintenance training, for preparing for an airline selection.

Our flight simulator has the valid qualification certificate, including its following characteristics:

Basic Info about IFR

All Bout IFR Refresh

The primary objective of the IFR refresher program is to improve flight safety by maintaining proficiency in instrument flight rules under abnormal conditions such as a partial panel, engine failure, bad weather, system failure, and so on.

Sky Training Aviation IFR refresher training (hour program) can be achieved solo or in groups, always under the supervision of one of our simulator flight instructors, and because the application is customized, you may adjust your flight simulation and training to best fit your needs.

On successful completion of the course, trainees will be awarded with a certificate of training on the “Entrol A11 B200 GT FNTPII MCC simulator”.


Instrument en route and approach chart interpretation, including Standard Instrument Departures (SID), Obstacle Departure Procedures (ODP), Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STAR), and Area Navigation (RNAV)/Global Positioning System (GPS)/wide area augmentation system (WAAS) procedures.


Obtaining and analyzing weather information, including knowledge of hazardous weather phenomena, such as icing and convective activity.


Preflight planning, including aircraft performance, Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) information (including temporary flight restrictions (TFR)), fuel requirements, alternate requirements, and use of appropriate FAA publications such as the Airport/Facility Directory (A/FD).


Aircraft systems related to IFR operations, including appropriate operating methods, limitations, and emergency procedures due to equipment failure.


Aircraft flight instruments and navigation equipment, including characteristics, limitations, operating techniques, and emergency procedures due to malfunction or failure, such as lost communications and automation failure procedures.


Determining the airworthiness of the aircraft for instrument flight, including required inspections and documents.


Air traffic control (ATC) procedures pertinent to flight under IFR, with emphasis on elements of ATC clearances and pilot/controller responsibilities.


A general working knowledge of aerodynamic principles relating to angle of attack (AOA) and the purpose, operation, and limitations of AOA indicators (if installed).


On successful completion of the course, trainees will be awarded with a certificate of training on Entrol A11 B200 GT FNTPII MCC simulator.

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