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Started on 22/04/2024


Act as the pilot-in-command of any single-pilot airplane in commercial air transportation. Put yourself in the shoes of an airline pilot by taking the controls of our simulator. You will be accompanied by an instructor who will act as co-pilot for the duration of the flight and who is himself a professional pilot trained to accompany the general public.

What if you were the pilot? Thanks to the initiation flight offered by Sky Training Aviation, Now it is possible!

With the assistance and guidance of a professional pilot and a state-certified instructor, you will realize that operating a private plane is not difficult. It’s also quite simple and accessible to everybody.

The introduction flight, or first lesson in flying a small aircraft, is an amazing first experience that can ignite a passion or reinforce a desire to learn to fly. A briefing will precede it, during which your instructor will go over the fundamentals of piloting: the functioning of the controls and the aircraft’s motions.



+213 770 419 328/ 15

Horaires de travailSamedi— Jeudi8:30 h - 16:30 h

Boumerdès, Algérie

Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000
 Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000

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