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Flight SIM Experience

Flight SIM Experience

Let Your Child Realize His Dream

Teachers share that younger students tend to feel discouraged when their dreams and goals are dismissed or made fun of. When failure, discouragement and fear deter your child from moving forward as he or she chases those dreams, it falls to parents and educators to be the voice of reason that pushes each young dreamer to embrace the challenges ahead.
From imagination to reality

Help your child to dream bigger

It is in this experience that emotion and passion come together. By following the captain’s instructions, the participant performs a lap of the runway and carries out his mission from takeoff to landing on board our latest generation simulator, where sensations are felt and noises are reproduced during all flight phases allowing you to live a real and breathtaking experience.

Our Simulator

Let your child fly

Ready to start,
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 Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000

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