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Multi Rew  Coordination

Multi Rew Coordination


What Is The Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Training Course

The Multi Crew Cooperation course will teach you how to fly an airplane with at least two crew members.

Before beginning a type rating course on an aircraft that requires at least two crew members or multi crew operation on a single pilot aircraft, the MCC is necessary.

This is especially important because all of your training up to the MCC was done in single pilot operations.

The MCC will expand on what you learned throughout your first pilot training and will focus on honing your abilities and increasing your ability to engage with another pilot in the aircraft.

Operating an aircraft with a second crew member may be difficult, especially in poor weather conditions.

It takes leadership to put forth a plan of action that everyone agreed to follow, the ability to manage the workload among the crew, the capacity to analyze the issue and the knowledge needed to make educated decisions to solve problems, and the ability to manage the workload among the crew.

Of course, you’ve previously been educated to cope with technical or operational concerns and make judgments during your first training, such as the CPL and IR, but the management of cockpit resources will be new.

What Are The Requirements Of The Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course

The Multi Crew Cooperation training is conducted on either a  MCC simulator or a Full Flight Simulator (FFS).

The following are the components of the course:

In the classroom, students will receive

  • 25 hours of theoretical knowledge teaching and practice.
  • 20 hours of practical MCC training (15 hours for student pilots attending an ATP integrated course)

The MCC might be integrated with initial type rating training, reducing the practical training to no more than 10 hours if the same FFS is used for both the MCC and the type rating instruction.


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 Cite Ain AbdAllah Résidence Djurdjura Étage de service N°2، Boumerdes 35000

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